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Company Profile

Company Philosophy

Improve science and technology and contribute to humanity
By Safety and Medical Healthcare

Company Outline

Company Name Matsuya Research and Development
Head Office/Factory 20-1-2 Kuwakake, Ono, Fukui 912-0071 Japan
CEO Chief Executive Officer Hidetaka Goto
Phone +81-779-662096
FAX +81-779-658373
Established 7 August 1982
Capital 125 million yen
Line of Business Development, manufacture and sales of stitching systems for
automobile safety device.
Development, manufacture and sales of laser cutting machines
Manufacture of blood pressure arm band Production of car seat covers etc.
Number of Employees Matsuya R&D 39
Matsuya R&D Group 1,396 (as of end of September 2019)

List of Offices

Head Office/Factory Address: 20-1-2 Kuwakake, Ono, Fukui, Japan
TEL: +81-779-662096
FAX: +81-779-658373
Fukui Office Address: 4-22-30 Miyuki, Fukui, Fukui, Japan

Matsuya R&D Trading(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Address: Room2801, Plaza Hyundai No.1, No.369 Xianxia Road,
Changning Area Shanghai China, 200336
TEL: 86-21-5172-7910/7911
FAX: 86-21-5172-7912

Matsuya R&D (VIETNAM) Co.,Ltd.

Address: Plot No.404,Road 13,Amata Industrial Park,
Long Binh Ward,Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai
Province,Vietnam TEL: 84-613-936-861
FAX: 84-613-936-865


Address: Plot No.242,Road 12,Amata Industrial Park,
Long Binh Ward,Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province,Vietnam


address:Plot No.242/2,Road 12,Amata Industrial Park,
Long Binh Ward,Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province,Vietnam


address:Plot No.507,Road 13,Amata Industrial Park,
Long Binh Ward,Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province,Vietnam


address:Plot No.509,Road 13,Amata Industrial Park,
Long Binh Ward,Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province,Vietnam

Matsuya R&D(Myanmar)Co.,Ltd.

Address: Plot No.A7-2,Mingaladon Industrial Park,
Corner of No.3,Highway Road & Khayebin Road,
Mingaladon Township,Yangon,Union of Myanmar

Takahata Co.,Ltd.

Address: 1-7 Aramachimae, Wakayanagikawakita, Kuriharashi, Miyagi 989-5501 Japan 

Line of Business

Business Areas

Automatic Precision Sewing MachinesCore Technology

  • High performance fully automatic sewing machines
  • Large laser cutting machines
  • Automatic silicon pasting machines
  • Other peripheral devices related to sewing

Sewing parts businessHigh quality and low-cost production using core technology

  • Blood pressure arm band
  • Massager
  • Car seat cover for luxury cars
  • Cover for luxury furniture
  • Straps

Global production/sales structure

Japan Head Office (Fukui)

Manufacture of sewing system equipment
Design of Production facilities and quality control of overseas factories

China (Shanghai)

Sales and maintenance towards Chinese market

Vietnam Factory (1st-5th)

Sewing parts factory mainly towards Japan and Asia

Main sewing parts
Arm bands, car seats, sofas, straps
Considering airbag cushion manufacture

Takahata Co.,Ltd. (Miyagi)

Car seat manufacturing

Myanmar (Yangon)

Sewing parts factory responding to further demand for low cost

Main sewing parts
Aiming for cooperative production of arm bands for our
Vietnam factory and wholly independent parts production


1980s Originally, business development centered around simple automatic machines for the apparel industry
1990s Business changed to SS business (airbag, seatbelt manufacturing devices)
2000s With the production contract opportunity of blood pressure arm bands, commenced sewing business and shifted our sewing business base to overseas
2010s Market demands of labor saving, easy handling and stable quality have increased throughout every industry and hence our strengthening sewing contracting business has commenced production of car seats and airbags as the second and third core product to follow arm bands as a product lineup responding to the new demands of sewing automation

Group code of Conduct

Legal compliance We observe laws and regulations and internal regulations, and act with integrity and ethics in an effort to earn the trust of society.
Respect for human rights We respect the diversity of human rights among people inside and outside the company, and strive to create a corporate culture that does not cause any discrimination or harassment.
Environmental response We will strive to develop and manufacture environmentally friendly products with superior performance in order to contribute to the balance between a rich society and environmental protection through our business activities.
Work environment maintenance for employees We strive to maintain the health of our employees and create a comfortable working environment where they can fully demonstrate their abilities.
Mutual development with business partners We will respect our business partners as partners, and strive to establish transparent, fair and healthy relationships, and conduct transactions that consider mutual prosperity.
Understanding and support of investors and funders We will maintain accountability by ensuring the accuracy and reliability of financial accounting, timely and sufficient information disclosure, and strive to earn the trust and support of investors, funders, etc.
Healthy relationship with politics and administration We maintain a sound and transparent relationship with politics and administration, and do not conduct activities that involve unfair adhesions and injustice.
Product Development Initiatives We always make things with safety and medical considerations in mind.

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